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Meeting with President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev

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Meeting with President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev

PRESIDENT OF KAZAKHSTAN NURSULTAN NAZARBAYEV: Mr Putin, I am happy that you have found the time to visit Kazakhstan at this busy and difficult period. We have plenty to discuss.

Last year was rich in events of all kinds. We spent time discussing the Eurasian Economic Union, brought it to completion, and it started work on January 1.

Unfortunately, our union has suffered some challenges due to the decrease of export prices in Russia and Kazakhstan for oil and other export goods. This has slowed economic growth.

We knew these risks existed and we knew that there was a price distortion. The concerns were there. Thank you for the fact that measures were taken after we spoke. The situation has stabilised now in this and other areas. As for the Ukraine issue, we did what we could as the situation allowed. I also got involved in this matter.

We have many events ahead of us, the most important of which is probably the 70th anniversary of Victory. Kazakhstan currently holds the CIS presidency. Our regional meeting will take place in Kazakhstan this autumn. Many of the issues that have come up are being dealt with and settled in routine fashion.

I think that today’s informal trilateral meeting will give us the chance to discuss the current global situation, the events taking place around the world and in our region, our influence, what we can do to overcome the crisis, matters concerning the Eurasian Economic Union, and other issues that concern us all.

I welcome you and wish you a good stay.

PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN: Mr Nazarbayev, thank you very much for this initiative to meet and discuss our current work. Thank you for the invitation. It is always a great pleasure to visit you in Kazakhstan, which is one of our closest partners and allies.

The global economy is indeed going through difficulties at the moment, taking into account the situation on the markets, which you just mentioned. But I am sure that the foundations of the functioning economy and social sector that were developed with your direct participation in Kazakhstan and throughout the post-Soviet area will help us to overcome these difficulties. Of course, we will need to work together, as we have done over these past years, and if we do this, it will be easier for us to find our way out of the current situation.

Your invitation therefore is indeed a good opportunity to discuss our bilateral relations, our integration work, and the various complex problems around the world that also demand our attention.

Thank you very much for the invitation.

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