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About Us

Politics Inn is a one roof service for Politicians, Educationists and Historians. Its focus is on past,present and future of politics for a better world. In addition, we will promote global culture,traditions,languages,sports, economies,religions,thoughts,frictions,tourism and investment opportunities to bridge the gaps

  • Our country is the world and our countrymen are all mankind.
  • Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.
  • From the poorest of countries to the richest of nations, education is the key to moving forward in any society.
  • Basically Mankind is born naked & neutral and broadcasts 4 Channels by default
  1. Mother Tongue
  2. Religion
  3. Culture
  4. Traditions

And the 5th Channel  depends on where we soak our mind, kind of education we get to make our living and here we diversify. Frictions, Hatred, Love and Liking is the direct result of  Religious, Public, Church, Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League Schools Education Education is not a Secret agenda. Global bodies must work to bridge the gaps in education for a better world education                         education   

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